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Build Goat Attack On Debian or Ubuntu

Download and unpack the source package
a) Download the source package from github:

$ git clone
$ cd goatattack

b) Or get the release source package from github (eg. the version 0.4.3):

$ mkdir goatattack && cd goatattack
$ wget
$ tar -xf 0.4.3.tar.gz
$ cd goatattack-0.4.3

Install all compilers and libraries
Goat Attack works with SDL2 and libPNG. Ensure you install following development libraries:

  • libsdl2

  • libsdl2-mixer

  • libpng

Install all compilers and required dependencies:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential libsdl2-dev libsdl2-mixer-dev libpng12-dev

Configuring your package and compile
Now configure your Goat Attack with the configure script. You can add --enable-map-editor if you want build and install the map editor. If you want to build the master server as well, add --enable-master-server.

$ ./configure --enable-map-editor

If the configure script runs without any errors, the build can be started. Replace the 6 with the number of CPU cores.

$ make -j6

a) Now install the package:

$ sudo make install

b) Or, if you want the executables stripped:

$ sudo make install-strip

Running and locations
Run Goat Attack with:

$ goatattack

The locations of goatattack, goatattack-mapeditor and data are:

  • /usr/local/bin

  • /usr/local/share/goatattack


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