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Working with server commands


A in game hosted game server does not recognize server commands, only dedicated servers do. You need at least the version 0.4.2 to use it. A logged in player can send server commands in the chat window with a leading slash /:
server command 1

Setting up the dedicated server

First you have to configure your master server to allow users log with master commands. So have a look here, how to setup a dedicated server configuration file. You have to set the admin_password. For example:

Identifying as administrator

If you are logged in on a game server, open the chat window and enter /op <password> (in our example enter master as password):

/op master
Server commands

/op <password> (become operator/administrator)
/deop (exit the operator mode)
/kick <player_name> (kick immediately a player from the arena)
/next (select the next map in the map rotation list)
/map <map_name> <warmup> <duration> (load map, warmup are in seconds, duration in minutes)
/reload (reloads the server configuration file)
/get <variable> (shows the server configuration variable)
/set <variable> <value> (sets the server configuration variable)
/reset <variable> (clears the server configuration variable)
/save (saves the server configuration file)

What will come in future

Banning and unbanning players are in the pipeline. I have to implement to create a unique ID for each player for this feature. In the other hand, if each player has his unique ID, the server will recognize and elevate you automatically as admin if configured.


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