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Working on version 0.3.9

Hi fellows

I'm working on the version 0.3.9:

  • keyboard sliding bug fixed

  • ZIP class renamed to ZipReader

  • heavy rewrite of netcode

  • wrong ping fixed, shows correct ping rate now

  • client side works now async to handle pak downloads w/o disconnects

  • changed protocol version to 2

  • fixed Makefile script to support AUR packages (thanks to thor77)

  • sorting server list by clicking listbox headers

  • complete the dedicated server output for log stats (with timestamps) (thanks to dev)

  • new dedicated server option (logfile=XYZ) to specify log output

  • join request bug fixed: after warmup, tournament recreation and request window is still open

  • some minor bugs fixed in maps

  • navigate thru menus without mouse, keyboard/joypad only (new ButtonNavigator class)

I'm looking forward to release after a few test sessions. Don't miss to grab it. smile


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