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How to...


Backgrounds are stored in the backgrounds directory. If you want to know, how a package looks like, read this and and this. A background image must be stored as PNG and must have a height of 512. The width can be 512 or 1024. The background must be horizontally repeating.


Now create your background. The most of the backgrounds are created with Inkscape. One of the available background is that one:
simple stars
Assume, you created that background and you called it mountains. Save that picture as mountains.png in the backgrounds folder of your map package folder structure.


Without a description file, that background will not load. In the backgrounds directory you have to create a file like mountains.background. Here is an example:

author=Philippe Widmer
description=Mountains background

Following fields are valid:

name (required)


This field defined the unique name of your new background. Choose this name wisely.

author (required)

author=Philippe Widmer

Define here the author of this picture.

description (required)

decription=Mountains background

This description will appear in the map editor.

layers (optional)


If you define layers, you can stack more than one picture to create a parallax effect. In case, the filename of each picture must have appended the index number, eg:


If you want to create a complete package with maps and backgrounds, then pack all together using Cargo. You also can create a separate package with your backgrounds in it. If you decide to separate backgrounds and maps, you have to guarantee that the backgrounds package is published as well.


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